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Vendors and Craftsmen,  please print the following Rules and Regulations to your own printer to keep as future reference


Garland County Fairgrounds

WHERE: 4831 Malvern Ave. - (Hwy 270 East)

WHEN: The first full weekend of October each year which consists of a Friday, Saturday and Sunday (check your calendar for actual dates)

HOURS: FRIDAY AND SATURDAY: 9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. SUNDAY: 12:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M


You will be expected to help us maintain the integrity of this event by closely reading the following Rules & Regulations as they apply both to your work and to your conduct on the fairgrounds.



1.  Exhibitors are invited on a yearly basis. All current exhibitors will be reviewed on quality of workmanship, cooperation, following the rules, and  maximum crafts in one area. The A&C Fair is governed by a committee of volunteers appointed by the Garland County Extension Homemakers Council (EHC).

2.  Exhibitors will receive numbered parking passes, which must be prominently displayed in vehicle. These must be returned to Hostess before leaving premises. There will be a $5 replacement charge if not returned to Hostess.

3.  Campers other than those in the exhibitors’ line will be located in designated areas away from buildings. Stakes must be marked so they are noticeable. WE CANNOT PERMIT STAKES BEING DRIVEN INTO THE ASPHALT.


4.  No fireworks of any kind may be discharged during or after fair hours.






1.  On the Thursday before the fair, exhibit halls will open at  9:00 am for you to begin setting up displays.  Please do not arrive before 9:00 am.   You must be checked in by 4:00 pm and exhibits must be in place by  6:00 pm.   Exhibitors not meeting this requirement will forfeit their exhibit space and MONEY WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. 


2.  A night watchman will be on duty Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, however, THE FAIR COMMITTEE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS, FIRES, OR THEFTS ON THE GROUNDS OR IN BUILDINGS.  Please secure your own items and vehicles.    


3.  No display is to be removed before 5:00 pm on Sunday.  Do not move your vehicles to the buildings until the Fair closes at 5:00 pm. 





1.  Each exhibitor is responsible for the appearance of his booth space DAILY.  All trash, boxes, packing, etc. must be carried out to the commercial dumpster and all boxes must be broken down before being placed in the dumpster.   A clean-up fee of $25 will be assessed if you do not clean your own space and place your trash in dumpster.


2.  Qualified Arts & Craft personnel will check each exhibit at least twice a day for compliance with all rules and also compliance with housekeeping requirements.  This is necessary to ensure the standards of the Fair are being met.


3.  We cannot allow nails, push-pins, staples, or other similar items, driven or stuck in or on the building walls.  Your exhibits must be kept inside your exhibit space boundaries.






1.  There must be someone at your exhibit at all times.  Committee members or Hostesses will not be available for assisting in your booth.  Please make arrangements for all your own coverage needs.


2.  There is limited electricity and outlets.  If extra spotlights create a problem, you will be asked to unplug some of them.


3.  There will be NO CUTTING OF PRICES at any time.  Exhibitors who disregard this ruling will not be invited to participate again.  Prices must be posted or marked on your items.  Please do not take money for orders that you cannot fill within 30 days of the fair.


4.  The correct sales tax rate is the exhibitor’s responsibility.  You will be liable for State and County, but not city taxes. Please remember to check for the current rate for Arkansas and Hot Springs (Garland County) taxes on the following website prior to arriving for the fair,


5.  Exhibitors may display identification signs, i.e., names, addresses, phone numbers,  but, signs must not reflect commercial businesses.  The Hostess will check and approve all signs.






1.  All crafts for new exhibitors must be juried and approved by the Arts & Crafts committee.  Only applications meeting approval by the screening committee are invited to the Fair.  The committee screens for the quality and variety of arts and/or crafts and they must meet high criteria before being accepted.  All items must be handmade, handcrafted, or homegrown.  The items must be creative, hand-done, and entered by the person making it.  Commercial crafts will not be accepted.  Exhibitors found to be in violation of this rule will not be invited back.


2.  Applicants living within 50 miles are expected to bring their crafts to a monthly jury meeting.  Notifications will be sent out announcing the date, place, and time for jurying.  Applicants living outside this area may submit pictures or slides to be juried, however, pictures of poor quality that do not adequately show workmanship and quality of the craft will automatically be rejected.  It will be advantageous to have your items personally viewed by the Jury Committee.


3.  Exhibitors changing or adding a new craft must have the craft juried.  The deadline for having your added crafts juried is September 1st of the current year.  Added or new crafts will not be juried at the Fair.  Additional names (new to exhibit) must be indicated as new and must be approved.


4.  Craft items should be confined to no more than THREE unrelated categories per booth, double or single.  Use the Craft Categories table to assist you in categorizing your crafts.  Hostess will review your application sheet with you when you check-in at the fair.  Items you have listed must correspond with what you have brought.



1.  Exhibit space assignment and invitations to the Fair are for the current year only, and shall be at the discretion of the committee. Since crafts must be juried and accepted by the Committee, you cannot transfer your assigned space to someone else.

2.  Return exhibitors who are invited to participate in the current year show have until Jan. 1st to submit their payment. If payment is not received prior to that deadline, the exhibitor will forfeit all rights as a return exhibitor and will have to re-apply, and if approved, will be treated as a new exhibitor as far as space assignment. Spaced are reserved only on submission and receipt of full payment of space cost.

3.  A refund of Twenty dollars ($20.00) of your booth fee will be given if you must cancel and we receive you written (not verbal) notification prior to Sept. 1st. NO refunds will be made on cancellations received after September 1st.

4.  Assignment of space(s) is
at the discretion of the A & C Committee. Spaces will be assigned taking crafts into consideration. We cannot honor requests for specific (or unusual) sizes, or requests for a specific place.

     Exhibit Space Prices:             Single: (10’ x 10’) - $100.00        Double: (10’ x 20’) - $200.00
     Show Camper Space:             $100.00 (20’) Outside

                                                    Table/Booth $75.00 (up to 10’ x 10’)
     Food Vendors:                        20% commission will be collected at end of show

5.  The fee for overnight lodging for campers is $20.00 per night. This includes all campers used for lodging which require electricity. Campers in the show line will only have electricity available for their lights. There will not be an additional charge for this.

6.  Remember,
don't send money until you have been approved and received notification that you can participate in the fair.


7.  When you receive notification that you have been approved to participate, you may then send your payment to Peggy Barnett whose address appears at the top of the Application on Page 3.







All meetings and activities announced in this website are open to all eligible persons without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, marital or veteran status or any other legally protected status.   Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of program information (large print, audiotapes, etc.) should notify the County Extension Office as soon as possible prior to the activity.  The Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.