Hot Springs Arts & Crafts Fair

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The visual map key below assumes you will be coming from 1 of 3 different starting points to reach the fairground.  (See Key 1, 2, or 3))



Starting point No. 1 is from the center of Hot Springs at the intersection of Malvern Rd. (Hwy 270) and Grand Avenue (Hwy 70).  Businesses at this intersection on each corner include a Bob's Food Store, Walgreen's, McDonald's, and a Shell gas station/convenience store.  Take Malvern Rd. (Hwy 270 East) toward Malvern and go exactly 8.7 miles.  Entrance to the fairground will be on your left and has a sign hanging from the chain link fence.



Starting point No. 2 assumes you will be traveling on the 70/270 Bypass coming from either direction.  Take the Malvern exit and go East on Hwy 270.  The fairground will be on your left exactly 4.0 miles from the point where you exit the bypass onto Hwy 270E.



Starting point No. 3  assumes you will be traveling on I-30 coming from either direction.  At Malvern, AR, take exit (98B) that is marked Hot Springs.  This exit puts you on Hwy 270 West headed toward Hot Springs.  Travel exactly 8.6 miles and the entrance to the fairground will be on your right.


To print a copy of this map, follow these directions:

With your cursor, highlight this entire paragraph and also the map below.  Then select "print" from your drop-down menu.  When your printer menu box opens, check the "Selection" radio button, then press Print.


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